Dealing with the media can be a challenge. Whether you’re a seasoned media pro or a complete novice, whether the story is positive and proactive or something’s gone horribly wrong, it can be the stuff of nightmares.

At the heart of your anxiety is a fear of the unknown: what if they ask a question I don’t know the answer to; what if they try to trip me up or catch me out; what if my mind goes blank?

PLC Media is a well-established, trusted communications consultancy offering media training to a wide range of clients in all sectors. Our team of award- winning broadcasters will help to unpack that ‘unknown’, through tried and tested tips and techniques and through emulating different interview formats to make sure you’re ready for anything.

We’ll work with you on the messaging as well as the delivery and make sure that, by the end of the session, you’re feeling confident, comfortable and in control.
This is quite simply the best media training I have come across.

PLC Media clearly have loads of real-life experience and care a great deal about delivering the best training possible.

A well thought-out and accessible coaching method.

PLC Media was incredibly professional, working with us to understand exactly what we hoped to achieve and tailoring the training accordingly.

Approachable, reliable, cost effective and with a wealth of experience.

(Full endorsements and client details are available on request)