Dan at Pitsford Video is a vital aspect of your PR strategy. But it’s crucial that you get it right. The style and quality of your films speak volumes about you and your organisation: Grainy pictures, dated graphics and unfocussed content reflect incredibly badly on you and undoubtedly do more harm than good.

Our production values mean that a film from PLC Media will help to enhance your reputation and bolster your business.

PLC Media will create the film that suits your organisation, from concept through to final delivery, including scripting and filming, interviews, voiceover and animation. We can also offer high quality time-lapse film, which is a fantastic way to capture a project from start to finish.

As well as film production, we can train your team on how to create video content, with courses covering digital filming and editing techniques, storytelling tips, getting the sound and lighting right, shooting sequences and interviews and post production considerations.

Our film team consists of professional broadcasters and camera crews still working hands-on in news and corporate film environments.

STEPS 2016 from PLC Media on Vimeo.

We hope you enjoy this film which we were proud to produce, pro bono, for a children’s charity. For examples of other film project, including time-lapse, please Contact PLC Media.