COVID-19 is having a considerable impact on businesses in all sectors. Many organisations are struggling to ensure they remain relevant and visible during these challenging and uncertain times.

One thing is certain though: more and more of us will now need to communicate remotely. Whether that’s meetings via online platforms like Zoom, messages via podcasts or presentations via webinar; many who are articulate and adept at in-person interactions may suddenly find themselves uncomfortable and inhibited.

Delivered via Zoom-pro, PLC Media has designed a short training session offering tips and techniques to help you to feel comfortable, confident and in control when communicating remotely. Whichever format and environment you now need to get to grips with, this training will ensure you look better, sound better and feel better in what is for many a challenging and new environment.

Our team of award-winning broadcasters will draw on their years of experience as on-air, on-screen and on-line communicators to help you hone and develop your communications skills.